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We established A Clean and Well-Lighted Place for Work so you can have a personal place away from the hustle and bustle, sit comfortably and just CREATE.

The Coworking Space | Get Productive

We made it conducive to getting things done. There's light – enough of it – to keep you sharp and effective. There's no music, but there's a peaceful vibe inside that lets you relax and gather your thoughts. It's clean and clear from distractions, allowing you to focus on the essentials.

Sit anywhere you like – near the windows where natural light comes in, on the couch where you can sit comfortably under a lamp, or at one of our long tables for enhanced collaboration and more space for your gear. Anywhere is fine – we make sure you're as comfortable as possible.

The Private Workspaces

Our serviced offices can accommodate individuals or teams of 2-10 and more. It's fully furnished with a mix of dedicated desks, long table, couch, cabinets, and plants that make the room come alive.

Our flexible and affordable lease terms are ideal for the startup or growing business. Our private workspaces are the perfect solution for work, play or simply getting things done.

Fully Furnished

Our industrial-rustic spaces are equipped with bespoke tables, ergonomic chairs, and lofty furniture that lets you work in comfort.

Facilities & Amenities

We have a CCTV system and guest reception services in place for your peace of mind. Our facilities are well-maintained and ready for your use.

On-site Tech Support

Whether you need your devices set up or you need troubleshooting, we have your back. Our friendly tech support team is ready to help.


Electricity, water, airconditioning, and other costs – all included in your fee. So you can focus on growing your business worry free.

Ultra-Fast Internet Connectivity

We have a dedicated fiber line so you enjoy faster upload and download speeds and reliable connectivity.

The Dedicated Desks

Secure a dedicated workspace that only you can use. Stash your items in a personal locker. Enjoy full access to the rest of the facility.

Our dedicated desks suit the nomad professional. Whether you're just starting out or simply wish to have a space of your own, this is the perfect solution for you. Simply upgrade your space as your business grows.

We Love Startups

A Clean and Well-Lighted Place for Work is the ideal workspace for startups. Working from home can be unproductive and isolating. Working at coffee shops can be distracting and a hassle. Getting your own office can be overwhelming especially when you're starting out.

Research shows that startups in coworking environments are four times more likely to succeed due to the networking opportunities and the support they get from the community. Working here gives you access to established professionals and subject matter experts sitting nearby, and we’d love to introduce you.

Work with IT Professionals

We're located at the heart of the local hub for IT / Internet software innovation. The R&D and technical support office for the Philippine Internet Domain Name Registry is only a few feet away.

We've got seasoned online marketers, UI/UX professionals, web developers, sys ads, and a variety of IT professionals. They're all friendly and looking forward to meeting you.

Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet

We're the only coworking space that has its own submarine cable that connects us directly to the Internet. Enjoy fast download and upload speeds, less time buffering, and more time getting things done. Just bring your laptop or tablet and connect.

Comms Room

Professional meetings deserve a professional meeting solution and we've got the right place for you. We've fitted our conference room with HD webcams, mics, a good sound system, and everything you need to connect with anyone, anywhere, and on any device.

Events and Workshops

We host events and workshops for our growing community. We invite local and international experts to provide training sessions on various topics of interest. We even give you the chance to host your own!

Plus huge discounts on .PH domains, web hosting and other value-added services!

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Central Location

A Clean and Well-Lighted Place for Work is conveniently located right at the heart of Metro Manila. We're on the 27th Floor of Jollibee Plaza along F. Ortigas Jr. Rd in Ortigas Center. There are many modes of transportation available as well as several parking lots around the building. Restaurants, malls and other commercial centers are in the area for entertainment and recreation.

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